Dove Cameron Before and After Plastic Surgery

Dove Cameron is one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood, but is her good look naturally? You can simply study this by observing her photos before the operation and after it. Read this research for studying all interesting facts about Cameron’s Dove Plastic Surgery!

It was much easier to become a successful celebrity a few years ago than it is nowadays, however, Dove Cameron has turned out to be incredibly well-known. A lot of youthful women and girls seems to look like the same because of wearing exotic clothes, opting for traditional hairstyles with alike expressions on their beautiful faces …

What if these women even treated by a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon?

That was my idea as I had focused on the fresh images of celebrity. This is a portrait of the 21-year-old idol of “Liv and Maddie” which has surprised me a lot, as it is incredible.

Dove Cameron before the operation

I always liked her smoothy, creamy skin that no one has ever dreamt of. The good look on her face is certainly one of the most incredible things on Earth. However, I have begun to doubt that other parts of her body are natural. It seems that I am not the only person who asked.

Let’s see how her appearance has developed so far:

In her early ages Dove Cameron


I advise you to look at this image of Cameron before the surgical procedure with the aim to understand the changes in the body that she has had to go through later on. Chloe Hosterman – that’s how they called her at a time she was 14 years old, the schoolgirl arrived in Los Angeles and replaced her family name to Dove Cameron. Of course, you realize that her nose was extraordinarily unique and her lips were a little smaller in size. Anyway, the girl’s curls were naturally brunette.

Young lady in 2011

2 Dove-Cameron-Before-and-After-Plastic-Surgery

It is 2011, when Dove arose as an artist. At that time she had blonde hair. However, I disbelief that this is the simply change, as I think Dove Cameron had some changes with her nose till that time. I hope that you remember a guidebook which has been written by her mother. The title of this masterpiece was «The Hollywood Parents Guide: Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child’s Dream». I think that it tells about something……

A famous girl in 2012



Did you get my point of view about her skin? It makes other girls envious. The features of her face became a bit thinner (maybe because she is not a young teenager now). Her hair also has had some changes, especially the color. You can notice some surgery intrusion; especially it is about her lower lip too. She does not look like herself. But she is only 16! Dove Cameron looks very unusual after that operation.

Cameron in 2013


This photo is fascinating because here we can observe that the Dove Bridge is completely another. And the crucial reason for it is because of her flattened nose. I am totally convinced that this undergone rhinoplasty was made very early. Have you noticed Dove’s dimples? People tell that even this characteristic she has had due to the operation. Yes, you can order this item too. The tincture of her hair and brows are the same color, and they add to the non-natural impression. But in any cases, with the extension hair or with the shorter haircut she looks beautiful! Though, on the one hand, the reddish shade underlines the pink hues of her body, on the other hand, she is really irresistible here.

Cameron Dove in 2014


On this photo, she has got a red shade of hair. But, as for me, this color is not perfect for her. You can also notice that her lower lip is more significant, and this is the time when she began to appear with false lashes.


Her body looks beautiful here….The tip of her nose is so ideal on this image and very refined. It is obviously that some job has been made with it. Here we can admit that her lower lip is much fully. And what can we say about her brows is that they are thinner than they were before.

A star in 2015



On this picture, we can see a 19-years old girl. It is one of the most beautiful view. Her skin is dewy, blemish free, just natural blush. Besides, this shade of hair matches her perfectly. As you can see, there is no sign of make-up, just lip stain. We all used to think that a lot of make-up is the evidence of some plastic operations. But it is not that case. Here we even don’t notice something unusual or unnatural.


In this shot, we can observe the real Hollywood star. A very professional makeup highlights her appearance. Her brows are more full now, and her hair color is matched to them very much. Also, we can admit that Dove’s nostrils are more narrow here. What’s more, her lower lip dips in the center and a bit puff on the left side. It would not be strange for me if it is also the surgeon’s job.

Cameron in 2016


If you give me this picture and ask me who this is, I probably will not answer. She is not the same girl here. Her haircut and bushy brows refresh her image a lot, though the previous shape of her nose is conspicuously carved it. You cannot fail to note that this re-injection made her lower lip much bigger. On the other hand, there was no any operation with the top lip.


In 2016 the star awarded a title of a platinum blonde. It was easy to reach that because of her pale skin and new lip injections. But as we can see these changes bring her appearance some shade of rudeness. Also, we can notice the newest trend, the aim of which is to daub the end of the nose light. Though it is not very cute. Besides, you can compare her new lips with Kylie Jenner’s and admit that they are similar, I mean their fillings. The lines of her brows look dramatically. If you take a look at her photos in 2013 and 2014, you will notice the difference, but in both cases, she is a very beautiful girl.


Dove Cameron in 2017


And what do we have now? It is 2017 and Dove is 17, and now she knows how to do her makeup and all that stuff. Her skin looks amazing, as well as her brows. Only her nose has some strange look – it is a bit

Smaller than it was in the previous shot. But if we take another photo (2016) we will notice another weird thing – hit seems that her face became wider. Or maybe it is only some optical trick? Or it is true?



2 Dove-Cameron-Before-and-After-Plastic-Surgery

2011 (left) and 2017 (right)

If you look very closely, you will understand that gossips are true. It is obviously, that these pictures highlight this fact. You can notice the results of the plastic surgery process on her lips, nose, and perhaps cheeks. I am totally convinced that her mother has made some contribute. She wanted to see her daughter among another Hollywood’s stars.
As a consequence, Dove’s appearance has changed a lot. But for nowadays it’s become a common practice, so there is nothing unusual in it. For example, we can mention Iggy Azalea and Jodie Sweetin, Bella Thorne and many others. Everyone made her lips plump or something like that.

I always like the appearance of this girl. Though, I noticed something weird in it and now it seems to me that I understand the reason for such feeling. Maybe, she was too young before all these experiments…

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 Information on Dove Cameron:

Full name: Chloe Celeste Hosterman

Birth date: 15  January, 1996

Age:  22 years old

Star Sign: Capricorn

Birth Place: Seattle, Washington, United States

Nationality: American

Race / Ethnicity: Austrian, French, German, English, Scottish

Profession: Actress, Singer, Voice Actor

Net Worth: $3 Million

Relationship: Dating with Thomas Doherty

Children: None

Height: 5 ft 2 in(1.57 m)

Weight: 115 lbs(52 kg)

Measurement: 33-24-32 Inches

Bra Size: 32B

Dress Size: 4 (US)

Shoe Size: 7 (US)

Natural Hair Color: Blonde

Natural Eye Color: Green


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