Addison Rae Plastic Surgery Before and After

Addison Rae is a United States social media individual, vocalist, dancer and starlet. It takes work to obtain well-known on TikTok. In 2019, Rae cheered prominence on the video clip-sharing application TikTok.

She has accumulated more than 88 million fans, making her the 4th most-followed individual on the network. In Aug 2020, she was placed as the highest-earning TikTok individuality by Forbes, and a year later, she created the Forbes 30 Underneath 30 list for social network influencers.

However, if you look as gorgeous as Addison Rae, it will likely be more accessible. The concern is, did she obtain plastic surgery to acquire which advantage?

Let’s discover. We will perform a few contrasts on Addison’s appearance and body listed below.

Addison Rae Boob Job

Addison Rae Plastic Surgery

Unlikely. Addison’s boobs appear to follow her body weight and what she uses. Breast augmentation doesn’t do that. When she applies even more pounds, her bust size transforms accordingly.

She likewise understands how to produce a bustier appearance with her outfits. Therefore, I don’t think she had a boob job.

Addison Rae Lip Shots

Addison Rae Plastic Surgery

I’m mosting likely to state “no”. Although Addison is into sulky margins, absolutely nothing insane has previously occurred. I have never observed a swollen lips moment from her, and lip fillers will likely give those vibes.
From my view, it’s all make-up—absolutely nothing else.

Addison Rae Nose Job

Addison Rae Plastic Surgery

Addison has a gorgeous nose form. It would be a crime to change that with a rhinoplasty. Thankfully, she really did not. Every part of her nose, consisting of the nose bridge, tip and nostrils, has stayed the same.

Addison Rae Teeth

Addison Rae Plastic Surgery

Nobody is ideal. Addison was exposed to dental braces at a younger age, and it provided her with excellent straight teeth. She did not have veneers, and I believe her.

Addison Rae Butt Lift

Addison Rae Plastic Surgery


Addison may get meaty if she wants to. Any fat she puts on her buttocks could be converted into muscles. The reality is she does exercise frequently. Therefore, she doesn’t require a butt lift to get those curves. She didn’t.

Addison Rae: Then and Today

Let’s view her transformation for many years.

As a kid

Addison Rae

What a cute smile! It appears like Addison is a natural brown.

The year 2013

Addison Rae

She likes creating amusing and has never been camera shy.

The year 2019

Addison Rae

Addison began publishing dance videos on TikTok in 2019 and gained millions of fans quickly. She was 18 years old.

The year 2020

Addison Rae

20-year-old Addison was invited to the Signboard Music Awards. She appears, therefore, glamorous!

The year 2021

Addison Rae

By now, Addison is a frequent at red carpet occasions such as the Meta Gala. She chose a busty blonde appearance, which turned heads. Unsurprisingly, it likewise enticed some plastic surgery gossip.

The year 2022

Addison Rae

As you can see, her clothing and position can quickly determine how her body looks for the camera. Whatever appears actual to me.

Final Thoughts about Addison Rae Plastic Surgery

I believe Addison is a natural hottie. Aside from her dental braces, which many people DO NOT consider plastic surgery, nothing else appeared to be artificial.

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