Madison Beer plastic surgery before and after

Madison Beer is a famous American actress and singer. She has got more than 10 million Instagram fans. It is obvious, that the reason of such an admiration is her beauty. The girl with an ordinary appearance couldn’t have so many followers, especially at so young age. And it comes as no surprise, that rumors are going around about Madison are usually about her plastic surgeries. They include boob job, lip fillers, rhinoplasty and other features of her body.

She became so popular from the moment when famous Justin Bieber tweeted a link on her cover song “At Last,” by Etta James. In such a situation, she attracted the attention of the audience for a long time.

Yes, she has got talent, but on the other hand, the fact is…she was a stunning teenager. So, why are there a lot of gossips regarding her improvements?

allow us to tell you about it!

Before & After Photo Plastic Surgery 

We compared several photographs before and after with the aim to find out whether she had plastic surgeries or not. Here are our results.

Lower you can observe “exclusive” pieces of evidence.

Can Madison Have Breast Implants?

Madison Beer plastic surgery

On the one hand, it was evident that her breasts are more significant in the second picture. But on the other hand, maybe it her outfit presents such a fake decision about the size of her boobs? In any case, we are firmly convinced that she might have made a boob job. Even though you can state that it was her swimming suit that has pressed her breasts up and they look more significant, but as most of us understand breast implants can seem reasonably nowadays, particularly with such a mature body, so we will allow you to decide whether pictures are false or true.

Did she undergo a nose job?

Madison Beer plastic surgery

In such a case, when you want to find the differences in the nose shape, it is vital to have the pictures with the similar emotions. In these offered pictures you can see smiling Medison without any visible differences on her nose.

Though her nasal bridge and nose tip suggested seemed to be somewhat thinner, but in case you cast a glance on her cheeks, it is evident that she got rid of her childish fat. As a consequence, we can say that we don’t think she has undergone the nose job.

Can Madison Beer Get Lip Injections?

Madison Beer

It seems there have been doing some operations on Madison’s lips. Her upper lip was at whole a lot thinner, and now it is more significant in twice in size. As a result, it is extremely possible that she has had injections to attain such round lips. In such a case, then we believe her plastic surgeon has completed a perfect job. Madison’s Beauty Growing Let us observe how her body and features have transformation over the years. We will also take a glance at the way that Madison Beer’s personality has evolved, for example, her makeup and haircut.

Ancient Days

Madison Beer

In this picture, you can observe the youthful Madison Beer. Here she is a kid. Her face contour is easy for recognizing because of her prominent chin. Additionally, it looks like she had had many jagged teeth when she was little, so it seems like she has had appointments with a dentist at a juvenile age. Here’s a pic of Madison using braces. As we have told you she got appointments with a dentist with the aim to improve the situation with her teeth. Additionally, we need to admit the natural beauty of her eyelashes.

The year 2013

Madison Beer

In this year the single “Melodies” has existed, and Justin Bieber has been in this video.

Undoubtedly, she has got a great talent, and besides, she is a beautiful woman with a great possibility in the future.

The year 2014

Madison Beer

Madison visits the Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day in New York City. Now her facial features are natural. Her makeup is also natural, and her sharp chin doesn’t have anything to do with jaw enhancements. Besides, it seems she is growing now about the torso area thus maybe this helps to explain a number of some rumors about it.

The year 2015

Madison Beer

It is possible to observe that Beer’s lips were reasonably skinny here that puts the attention back on her jawline and chin. Maybe that is a solid argument for her to make lip shots? We recognize she did not have some persistent surgical actions like jaw operation.

She prefers the modest cosmetics also, however, will she have the long haircut?

The year 2016

Madison Beer

Madison was seen with fuller lips in 2016 Z100’s Jingle Ball at Madison Garden. You can instantly observe the impact on her sharper and new elegant jawbones. Together with the smokey eye shadows, ideal complexion extended locks and glow purple makeup…it is a champion!

The year 2017

Madison Beer

This year she celebrated her 18th birth day with hey guy Jack Gilinsky, but after that, they split up sooner. Now she begins to work under her new song “As She Pleases.”

She is looking utterly magnificent in this picture with this sexy black shirt. Her breasts and her cleavage looks hugely regular. As a result, maybe every of the gossip about her breast augmentation was just, hmmm…

The year 2018 

Madison Beer

Getty Beer was seen when she went out for lunch. She was wearing in this push-up bra shirt viewing off her toned waist. As we know that she has consistently had the lanky genes, therefore stomach tuck and liposuction are not live in her lexicon.

More Info About Madison Beer (Bio):

Birth Location: Jericho, Town of Oyster Bay, New York, USA

Dating: Unknown

Kids: None

Body Size: 34-25-33 In.

Eye Color: Hazel

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


After moving during Madison Beer’s photographs before and after she becomes a celebrity, we believe she is not precisely the kind of those who desire a lot of beauty surgery operations. Honestly, she had been born naturally with a beautiful appearance. Her general facial shape is just beautiful with large eyes, narrow pointed nose and a V-shape jawline that many girls could merely dream about. Mentioned that, we frankly do not believe she needs a nose job, eyelid or some other face operation. Plus, she is also young to acquire such cheek fillers as Botox. But, we do believe that she’d have used lip fillers because her lips became plumper as the decades went by. Concerning Madison’s entire body, her breasts and breasts size is a puzzle because they have some changing and growing is not the reason for it.

What do you consider about Beer’s look? Can you believe she has had plastic surgeries? See more Before and After

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