Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery Before and After

Natti Natasha is a Dominican singer. She was signed to Don Omar’s label Orfanato Music Team. Her debut EP, All About Me, was launched on March 28, 2012, by Orfanato Songs Group. Her debut CD, Iluminatti, was released on February 15, 2019, by Pina Records and Sony Music Latin.

I don’t know Spanish. So, I would not recognize if Natti Natasha has confessed to having plastic surgery in the community. I would not even know it if she did. However, whenever I saw her music video on YouTube recently, my 1st reply was, this lady is gorgeous! That’s the only reason why I’m performing these contrasts.

Natti Natasha Boob Job

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Yes, I couldn’t help but wonder if Natti’s boobs are real or fake. Soon after a few studies, I think she most likely obtained a boob job between 2015-2016, if you look at the top left photo.

This photo was absorbed in 2015, and her chest was nowhere near as busy as it is today. A year later, however, it looks like she has gotten herself a collection of new boobs.

Natti Natasha Butt Lift

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

I’m going to state ‘no’ to this one. Unlike lots of women singers, Natti doesn’t have a very dimension butt. Understand me, she has a nice contour and whatever, but there is nothing at all unnatural about her butts regarding I can inform.

Natti Natasha Nose Job

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Today, after we got her body out of the way, let’s look at her face. I know many people presumed Natti had a rhinoplasty, but I’m going to disagree here and will back it up with proof as well.

As you can see from the over-comparison, there are little contrasts in her general nose shape. The only reason the bridge bone seems thinner is makeup. That’s it.

Natti Natasha Lip Filler

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

I tried to convince myself. I really did, but the chance of her having lip filler injections is relatively high. Look at these photos and then tell me if those sullen lips could be achieved with a lip pencil, guide, etc.

Natti Natasha Chin Implant

Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

The Dominican singer has a very popular chin. But after accomplishing this contrast, I believe that’s her standard appearance shape. She may have obtained Botox to slim down the jawline; however, I don’t think she’s had any invasive method certainly there.


Natti Natasha was born on December 10, 1986, in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican State, where she started participating in songs. Natti Natasha’s dad’s name is Alejandro Gutierrez, a college professor by profession & her mother’s name is Sarah Batista, a homemaker.

She also has two siblings. Her older sis’s name is Virginia Alison, and her elder brother’s name is Alejandro. When she was 7, Natasha registered at the College of Arts in Santiago, where she took vocal classes and established her singing abilities, which she has described as one of the best aspects of her lifestyle.

From a very young age, she had marvelled at musicians like Bob Marley and Jerry Rivera, especially Lauryn Hill, whom she still names one of her favourites.

Natasha also expressed that she has followed and admired Ivy Queen since the beginning of her profession. Queen reacted via Twitter: “Thanks for the regard, adoration. That’s having course and, more than anything, intelligence.” When she was 18, she relocated to the Bronx, wishing to keep it in the “Area of Dreams.”

There, she satisfied reggaeton veteran Don Omar, who then signed her to his report label. She was also a developer and worked at a Makeup manufacturer.

Final Thoughts about Natti Natasha Plastic Surgery

Again, I wonder if plastic surgery is a topic that the Latin musician has discussed or spoken about in public. However, offered her charm and success, I don’t believe it—a minimum of, not to me.

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