Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery images after and before

Nicole Kidman plastic surgery is a favorite theme on the internet since, well, she’s thus well-known that all in her life has been recorded. In this guide, we are going to be speaking on the potential plastic surgery actions she might have done.Nicole Kidman, now 49 years old, is the Australian performer and producer. Her first very successful film in the 1990s were her films Days of Thunder, Far and Away, and Batman Forever. Afterward, she starred in new hit movie similar to Moulin Rouge, The Hours, The Others, Eyes Wide Shut, Cold Mountain, Birth, and some different movie mainly in the play genre.

As a result of her art in acting, she’s won several awards such as several Golden Globes, Academy Awards, and Primetime Emmy awards amongst many others. In 2017, Nicole Kidman starred in the HBO miniseries Large Little Lies, where she’s commended for her”career-important presentation.”
Nicole Kidman is celebrated for together her capacity and attractiveness. It’s undoubtedly that the famous person is now one of the gorgeous females in the USA, however, is it natural?


Nicole Kidman is nearly 50 years old. However, she features ten years younger. Even though the blonde celebrity denies having had some plastic surgery done to her visage (except for some and stopped Botox injections), there’s some proof that she’d experienced a facelift.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Dr. Lyle Black, a plastic surgeon, mentioned by lifeandstylemag, the soft and tight appear of the celebrity’ jawline and neck may be the result of a mini-facelift. Whether this method is accurate, then it seems well done because there are no signs of a facelift at all (in case you do not understand her age). Also, the celebrity doesn’t have any jowl or loose skin across her face. Crow’s foot and laugh outline will also be non-existent.
For a girl who’s now 49 years old, her plastic surgeons indeed shaved at least a decade from her face.

Lip Augmentation

For Nicole Kidman’s good looks, you would not feel that the celebrity had something as well to transformation on her look. But, another rumor states that Nicole Kidman had breast improvement completed to stay looking youthful and attractive.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Should you have a look at her images of this actress’ childhood, you’ll find right off that she’s thin lips. They do not seem bad as her lips match her face completely. But, recent images (and a few before and after pictures ) reveal the famous person probably had lip fillers completed. Lip fillers should generate the lips fuller and thicker to a degree. For Nicole Kidman, it left her upper lip to seem sexier.
This shift, but, is quite smallest if you contrast it into some other folks’ plastic surgery. Therefore we support the transform because it created Nicole Kidman’s grin even more attractive.

Nicole Kidman Breast increase

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Breast increase is done to modify the size or form of their breasts, and this process is broadly common in the girls of Hollywood. Nicole Kidman had little breasts if she was starting in acting. Quite flat chested however that fact did not diminish her attractiveness. On the other hand, the dimensions and form of her breasts began shifting. Nicole Kidman’s boobs finally became rounder and at least a size larger than previously.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman breast increase before after picture
Within her new photographs, the blond actress’ breasts at rest appear astonishing. This sparked rumor that she’d gotten a breast raise to maintain her breasts looking young.

The year 1983

In1983 was the year that Nicole Kidman surfaced in her first film, a play film of this Bush Christmas. As you can observe in the rare photograph (below left), she had been just 16 years old at the time when this was shot in Sydney.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

You can at rest perceive the baby fat around her face part. As to this astonishing curly hair, fine yes she has had them as she was youthful and be aware of her lips because it had been one of her particular attributes as well.Several years because her job took off, you will see that Nicole has grown relatively fast (see above right pic).

The baby fat out of her face gets decreased considerably, and at present in a moment, she was yet all ordinary with no plastic surgery work. Why would she had youth on her side?
Throughout the 1988 time, she’s starred in the tv mini-series Vietnam which received the tremendous honor. For this, she won the Finest Performance by an Actress award from the Australian Film Institute.

The year 1995

Here she’s presence the Showest in Las Vegas, Nevada USA and you’ll be able to observe that Nicole’s face had great surface and charm. One thing we recognize for sure is that she certainly didn’t require any aid out of plastic surgeries.Though you can observe that nice outline are beginning to look under her eyes. However, these may have been merely set with the perfect facial changes.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole Kidman isn’t the kind of famous person who enjoys to flaunt her body since she’s exact acting ability and typically enables her work do the talk, even though we can all concur that she’s a tall, thin and beautiful body.A cover photograph, nevertheless, appeared from the 1996 Rolling Stone magazine (see top pic) that featured something which not many citizens noticed at that moment.

She showed the entire world that she’s an ideal breast size because of her stature!
Currently, since breast augmentation was not that popular and safe during these days, thus we can presume that those aren’t false breasts composed of implants.

The year 1997

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Here she is pretension her gorgeous upper body in this beautiful green dress (below-left image ). while this result might have been mimicked using products like a push-up blouse or even a miracle bra, however when we appear back to the previous calendar year, it only didn’t seem to be a boob job for us.
Whether we’re right or wrong, she has amongst the gorgeous collections of shoulders, and that is why she seems so enchanting and refined in that ensemble.

Alright, let’s fast advance a pair of years since we’re not here in line to undergo Nicole’s life narrative. Everyone understands that she and Tom Cruise got wedded in 1990 and this is a picture of her ten decades afterward in the year 2000 (top right). She had also been present the premiere of”Mission Impossible 2″, starring her currently ex-husband Tom Cruise in the Fox Studios in Sydney.

As you can observe from this shot, Nicole has created an enormous deal from her adolescent years. However, her skin is still quite silky. There are not any wrinkles visible on her face, even though we can give some credit to her structure artist within this one.

The year 2001

In case you did not understand, 2001 was the year Nicole and Tom called an end to their union. Instantly, we noticed that a change into Nicole’s look and it was quite observable with the total amount of base she applied for her face. Maybe she had a great deal of despair to conceal?

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Regardless, most of us recognize that romance and love can certainly make or break a girl, so this dreadful divorce should have drained a good deal from her. However much wax she employed, the skin layers and traces showing around her throat were nowhere to hide (see below-left pic).
This, however, did not prevent her from attending the premiere of the hit film”The Others,” that was an excellent film by the way.

After having a lousy calendar year, we began discovering something tightening about Nicole’s forehead area in 2002. Though she still seems high, something does not feel quite right with her grin. We imagine that she might have completed a Brow Lift process or otherwise called a Forehead Lift.
Otherwise, then some Botox shot might have been taken advantage. Both of these areas are frequently the first to show signs of aging in women. If she has started with cosmetic surgery in a bid to remain young (she had been only after all), then this has to be the year she began using it. What do you believe?

The year 2005

If Nicole had completed any anti-wrinkle insertion, fillers or raise operation of any sort. Subsequently, her plastic surgeon has performed an excellent job on her face, as you can observe in the 2005 picture below.She’s shining with smallest cosmetics action this natural form. We imagine the love chemistry may have amazing to do with it plays an important part in her hormones. That is since this was the time when Nicole and her existing hubby, Keith Urban began dating. Only seem at her, she looks stunning!

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

Nicole 2005 into 2006Photo Credit: Getty Now we are not precisely sure what occurred with her signature long facial shape as it appears similar to she is either put on some mass, or she should have done fantastic to her lips.Her rapid transformation of seem contributes to many of gossip of her obtaining a cheek place or botox. Additionally, you might observe that incredible is not fairly right with her lower lip, because it seems to be thicker than usual. Maybe it is her only lipstick?

You be able to as well see a few nice outline and wrinkles around her eyes, so one thing we could speak for confident is that era is entirely catching up to the beauty. She was 39 years old at the moment.If anything, the calendar year 2007 and 2008 has to be the worst years for Nicole Kidman concerning plastic surgery gossip. A lot of information websites, specialist plastic surgery, in addition to actors have begun topics on her maybe getting lip improvement that consisted of botox injection or dermal fillers.

The year 2008

This famous photograph was shot when she attended’The Golden Compass’ Premiere in Yebisu Garden Hall in Tokyo, Japan. You can observe that amazing has been”quite” incorrect with Nicole’s upper lip.But she refused all operation gossip in the time and announced that she had been natural with Marie Claire magazine. The UK non-natural attractiveness enthusiast, Sharon Osbourne could not assist herself stepped and criticized her appearances.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery
Back in 2009, lots of people seen unusual strange about Nicole’s breasts when she wore a hot deep V red dress at the CMA Awards occasion. When you examine the picture on the right mentioned above, it seemed like she has breast implants due to the method that her breasts were pushed upward. If that was accurate, then we have to state that the cosmetics process has not done an especially good job with this one.

The year 2011

After years of denying her participation in plastic surgery, Nicole Kidman had appeared in 2011 and confessed to using Botox. She mentioned how she did not like how her face looked and supposed she would not be attempting those kinds of cosmetic remedies again. Sound quality on her for recognizing it (eventually )…After lent to her usage of beauty lotions, Nicole went on to function as a universal diplomat for Swisse in 2012, promoting the significance of excellent internal healthiness to many girls all the earth.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

An ideal candidate since everybody knew how a lot attempt Nicole lays into her internal health, including attractive the proper vitamin supplements, and utilizing the perfect skincare goods while still exercising frequently.Though era is no more on her side, you have got to agree that Nicole at rest has amongst the mainly gorgeous body and hair up to now.

The year 2016(2017)

At age 49, Nicole appeared utterly glamorous particularly in this image when she attended the’Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology’ dress Institute Gala, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Nyc.Whenever it’s tough to recognize if that she’s entirely ceased considering her plastic surgeons, except for the sake of maintaining her picture, you only can not assist however respect her devotion.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

As you can observe in the 2017 image over, it is pretty clear that Nicole had resorted to a kind of sandpaper onto her face. Maybe she has reached a stage where she could no more proceed without it?
That is why a few days you will observe her bloated face such as those above, and as soon as it’s worn a small, she will appear more ordinary, though not better like the movie below.

The final word about Nicole plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery

There is not much we had to state about Nicole’s plans of preserving childhood. And no, it has got not anything to do with lotions and serums. She has even admitted it herself that she has done botox, however, if she is blocked using it entirely as her confession, well…we will leave that decision for you.While filler is a nonsurgical and as well the noninvasive method of manipulating an individual’s age, we desired to learn if Nicole had completed any plastic surgical actions which entailed getting beneath the knife. The fact is….we could not find any sufficient facts to back up the claims for example rhinoplasty for her nose.


The single doubt we now have is if Mrs. Urban had obtained any breastfeeding implants. She has never publicly confessed it. However, a number of her photographs have indicated that amazing devious could have been achieved to her torso region, mainly if there was a time where she enjoyed sporting massive Vs. to boaster her cleavage.Although Nicole is indeed a triumphant actress that has achieved over some other men and women in Hollywood, so anything she desires to perform to her body and face, whether she would like to talk on her skill publicly or not, that is her choice to make.


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