Taeyeon plastic surgery After and Before

Taeyeon plastic surgery there are many discussions around this topic! The girls’ generation announces itself as an assembly of girls undergoing plastic surgery. In this editorial, we will talk about whether Taeyeon has undergone plastic surgery. Taeyeon said he did not do any cosmetic surgery in the interview and said he would be sad because of plastic surgery.

Taeyeon fans strongly consider that Taeyeon did not undergo plastic surgery.However what about other Internet users? Other fan discovered a slight difference in his face and was reportedly undergoing plastic surgery in a little part of his face. let us see

Taeyeon Jaw Surgery

Taeyeon plastic surgery

When she was youthful a child, Kim had a massive jaw with a broad Jaw. Chin surgery may have made her seem more feminine and sensitive. If the rumours were true, the operation finally worked for her. Since Tai Yoon’s fans are fed on a diet, the jaw has changed, so it looks higher than before.

Taeyeon Eyelid surgery

Taeyeon plastic surgery

A lot of Korean idols made on eyelids plastic surgery, and want to have large eyes and double eyelids. Taeyeon supposed of running eyelids. His eyelid tilted too far from the perfect eye-shaped doll with two eyelids. Therefore, it is not surprising that you have undergone double eyelid surgery to get more eyes. But fans of joy say it’s a makeup effect.

Taeyeon Nose Job

Taeyeon plastic surgery

Formerly, Taeyeon was invisible. Previously his nose was slightly bulky, and the end was very opaque. The function of the nose eliminates the shape of the nose as a result that the side is thinner and more specific. On the other hand, nose abnormalities as well included the presence of plastic.

When we look at the nose of Tai Yun, we can see that the head of his nose has been stopped. Your cosmetic surgeon will correct this to make it more attractive. Therefore, you now receive a more evident nose that matches the rest of the nose.

Taeyeon makeup

Taeyeon plastic surgery

It is often gossip that he underwent plastic surgery because he holds images without burning. In previous publications, Taeyeon said: “Seo Hyun has promoted solo songs, why not promote them? Do you want to hide the damage of both eyelids and nose surgery on impurity b *** h, Please deny.”

Not long ago, Taeyeon silenced the dead by uploading images without wearing make-up. Taeyeon said the line cut “Yes, look in the mirror.”She silently contradicted the series of self-hate comments. It shows a fresh, natural glow and does not seem to compensate.

Taeyeon has carried hateful comments on the Internet. Although SM Entertainment is reported to be taking strict legal action against them, commentators are harassing the singer verbally.Some messages support Taeyeon and express their opinion. Some networks look very funny because Taeyeon seems very beautiful and natural without using makeup, but the skin is white and soft as a baby.

What do you think? Do you look so beautiful? Regardless of makeup or not.

Generation Taeyeon girls

Taeyeon plastic surgery

After leaving Jessica, the girls’ generation had eight members. I went swimming and Tiffany and Seo Hyun generation girls and continued their lives with others.Taeyeon is concerned about the fate of future generation girls. “Over time, newborn babies will be born,” he said, fearful that fans might turn into the hearts of others.

This is her biggest concern, including making a new album, making Taeyeon crazy to continue working. However, with three remaining employees, the girls’ generation was still unknown when they announced their latest project.

“I am afraid that fans will abandon me, become another idol, and worry that members will change when I think the girls’ generation is no longer exciting.”


Kim Tai-un (born March 9, 1989), who became more famous as Taeyeon, is a Korean performer. She was a Starlight Academy student at SM Entertainment High School and made her first appearance as a member of the girls’ generation in 2007.

Since then she has become famous for her success in Asian music. Generation of girls – TTS, SM song, generation of girls – Oh! I joined the GG. In addition to the group’s activities, she recorded many television dramas and songs.

Taeyeon started solo work on her first album debut, in 2015. She ranked second in the list of Korean Gaon albums and sold more than 2 million digital copies of her main song. His second expansion game (2016) ranked first and produced two of the top 10 singles in Gaon Digital Chart, Starlight and Why. Their first album “My Voice” (2017) and “Fine” and “Make Me Love You” achieved similar success.

The year 2017

Taeyeon plastic surgery

The first Tae Yeon album, My Speech, was released in February 2017, more than a year after production, and one was born under the title “Fine”. Albums and songs won the Gaon Album Master Plan and the Digital Gaon Chart, respectively. On April 5, 2017, a new version of the album “Make Me Love You” was released with one album. The fourth song was in the digital Gaon table.

Taeyeon entered the first Asian “Persona” tour in May 2017.Taeyeon was launched in December 2017 in the third winter of Christmas this winter. Album number 2 was in the list of Gaon albums and No. 6 on the Billboard World album list. Hong Handong Young, of the Korea Herald newspaper, confirmed the “undeniable quiet voice ability” of Tai Yun as the most sophisticated Christmas song in the album. His companion, “This Christmas”, first appeared in No. 2 of the Gaon Digital Table. Taeyeon set up a three-day birthday party called “The Magic of the Christmas Season”.

The year 2018

Taeyeon plastic surgery

Taeyeon announced the fourth episode of Something New in June 2018. EP was ranked third in the list of Gaon albums and fourth in the Billboard World album list. In the same month, Taeyeon launched Japan Showcase tour, available only to members of the official Japanese entertainment club SM Entertainment.

The trip was visited by four Japanese cities, including Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka. Tae Yeon released her first Japanese album “Stay” and “I’m The Greatest” on June 30, 2018. Tae-yeon toured Asia again in October 2018. On October 12, the first female solo artist on his way!

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