Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery is real or fiction? Wendy Williams is a gorgeous African USA girl who is not scared to reveal her thoughts. Also, she does not even deny in the media that she has had a lot of plastic operations.

From the time when her career in the radio got a promotion she becomes a public person, and she doesn’t hide her own life from her admirers. The audience appreciates her courage. Notably, it was noticeable when she recognized that she has got a boobs operation. This event has happened during her radio programmer on air. It was clear that she is the owner of sexual breasts. But such announcement is the evidence of her bravery, don’t you think?

Another similar moment was her recognizing of her liposuction operation because she wished to wear more tiny clothes. And, how she explained, it was the most efficient way to get rid of her overweight. As a result, she is in a harmony of her appearance and her character. All those changes took place more than 15 years ago, before the existence of her TV talk show, The Wendy Williams Show.

At the same time, as she convinced that she had not made any cosmetic surgeries, especially for her programme, no rhinoplasty, cheek implants, lip shots, we probably have noticed some signs for proving another point of view. So what good looks improvements has Wendy Williams done?

let’s figure out

Before & After Photographs

We compared a lot of her images before and after she became popular with the aim to find out what particular operations she has had.

Here are our conclusions.

See below for our”Exclusive” analyze photos:

Did Wendy Williams Have A Nose Job?

Wendy Williams Nose Job

If you cast a glance at Wendy’s nose on the first photograph, you will notice that changes which have happened with her nose. You can conclude that the nasal bridge was more full in contrast with the After photo. It seems that both have the same contour but the bridge bone on the last picture is thinner.

Though, there is the suggestion that it could be reached with the help of professional make-up. But we don’t believe in such point of view.

So yes, we think it can be possible that Wendy has had a nose job with the aim to change the form of her nose.

Has She Had Breast Implants?


Indeed, Wendy’s breasts were a significant discussion point for an extended period. The end is that she has never tried to deny her boob job in media. So, it comes as no surprise, that we know that they are not natural. She has had a breast augmentation surgery previously, and her doctors put quite big breast implants in her body. But a lot of people wonder how she was able to bore all that weight without any complaint on the ache in her back. If you cast a glance on the picture from 2017 which is situated lower you can notice how sophisticated is her body and her breasts look here quite unnatural. In such a case, we can suggest that she can do another operation and reduce her boobs.

Can Wendy undergo A Facelift?


Can Wendy Williams Buy A Facelift?

Although Wendy hasn’t publicly discussed some anti-aging operations on her face, we have discovered some shreds of evidence which prove that the queen might have used a bit more than facial lotion for getting rid of her wrinkles.

When you examine the before and after pics above, you can notice the web of lines and wrinkles around her eyes and the apparent laugh line around her lips and mouth. Those places look more elastic and flexible as a result of a potential facelift. Besides, it is widely familiar for girls to double down botox shots after their facelift operations.

Can Wendy Williams Buy Tummy Tuck & Liposuction?

Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery

Looking at these photos, you can’t affirm that her body is her own, without any surgery operations. And she doesn’t deny this fact. Moreover, she is the first person who acknowledges the existence of surgery procedures.

However, it is apparent that she lost her the weight towards in 2012 because you can see the difference between the picture on the right side. But, as she claimed, all her sophisticated body is only the result of her diet and hard workout which helped her remain in such beautiful form. While we don’t have any doubt that dieting plays a significant part in her weight loss, however, we still consider that she has had one more lipo for getting such a body. What’s more, when you take a look at her present slender waist and tummy area, it is reasonable to admit that probably she has had a belly tuck also. What is your opinion?

The changes in her beauty

Nowadays let’s cast a glance at how Wendy’s body and face are changing throughout the years from her childhood days till nowadays. We are going to look personally in her facial features like her lips, eyes, cheekbones, lips and determine if she has had some other plastic surgeries which we might have missed.

Early Days

Young Wendy Williams

Here is a unique picture of Wendy Williams when she was a little girl. You can instantly tell she is the chubby kind who can quickly gain weight. Observing her quite broad shoulders and arms you can conclude what type of bode she will have in the future.

The year 1989

Wendy Williams

After graduating from the North University in Boston with a B.A. diploma in connections, Wendy worked as a replacement DJ for WEPN-FM before being hired for the morning radio show. There she worked a full-time day. You can observe she has a beautiful contour of her eyes and naturally plumped cheeks. Thus we disbelief she has ever had some cheek implants.

The year 1995

Wendy Williams

This was the year when Wendy Williams make an appointment with a plastic surgeon and receive her breast augmentation implants and eventually do somewhat on her weight loss. Whether these improvement processes were successful, we will allow you to decide.

One thing which most her admirers do not notice is that Wendy also has a fantastic smile and strong and white teeth. So, we can recognize she doesn’t require any improvements from her dentist. No braces and even no teeth whitening as we mentioned.

The year 2002

Wendy Williams

In 1997 the star got married to Kevin Hunter, and their little son appeared in 2000. On the Billboard R&B, Hip-Hop Awards ceremonial in Miami Beach, Florida the celebrity’s appearance is almost perfect. We enjoy her boob job and can admit that now the size of her breasts match to the structure of her body ideal.

The year 2005

Wendy Williams

Now she is in New York, and she attends VH1 Hip Hop Honors in the Hammerstein Ballroom. You have got to appreciate those blonde curls onto her hair, and if you have some questions, then we say yes….it is a wig. Also, we want to point on her nose. It looks more upper on this picture. If Wendy had gotten a nose job, it might have been earlier this season.

The year 2008

Wendy Williams

This is the day Wendy eventually got her chat show, The Wendy Williams Show, that was triumphant previously. We need to admit that she not only knows how to pick up the smart outfit, but her haircut is also worth seeing the thing on TV. These lily eyeshadows and pomade match her skin color anyway. Enjoy it!

The year 2011

Wendy Williams

The TV host attends the 2011 Paper Magazine Nightlife awards in The Maritime Hotel in Nyc. Taking into account, that Wendy is pretty tall for a lady, therefore, we frankly do

Not believe her boob size is overstated in any way. Honestly, if you contrast her Blac Chyna’s body ratio, Wendy’s tall body is more than sufficient to deal with those cup dimensions.

The year 2014

Wendy Williams

There is barely any lumps on her face, and her skin looks as radiant as ever. If she has not had a facelift or other plastic surgery on her face, then you would have to speculate precisely what skincare she utilizes to attain such complexion.

One obsession we recognize for sure is that she has not at all needed lip fillers since her mouth contour has stayed constant throughout the years.

The year 2016 Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Wendy arrives in the Thurgood Marshall College Fund for Its 28th annual Awards Gala at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC. Although she is an African female, her skin color is not as shady as most black persons in the USA. That is why many citizens at present believe she has had a skin whitening procedure to lighten her skin tone. What do you imagine?

The year 2017 Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

The 53-year-old Williams is enjoying the sun at the seashore in Barbados with her spouse. Wearing a small black swimming suit and astonishing pink sunglasses, Wendy is visibly having fun presentation off her slender body, huge breasts along with the belly tuck tattoo on her belly, just under her tummy button. Yes, these kinds of symbols are reasonably average for patients who have skilled a tummy tuck procedure and can be mostly utilized to conceal the noticeable scar from the operation.

The year 2018


When you have a look at the tension of skin around her brow area and involving her brow, it seems she might have turned into a browlift and a neck lift too.


Apart from her self-confessed cosmetic operation, Wendy seems to have done a small piece extra job than that which she is ready to allow out. Thus far the public understands she has undergone breast implants and liposuction that led to her weight beating back in nowadays. However after exploring a lot of her show before and after she became a well-known celeb, we exposed that she might too have gotten a nose job, tummy tuck, facelift and maybe botox injections also. Why she has not explicitly declared these processes, we are not too sure. In the conclusion of the afternoon, it’s her face, her body along with her breasts, so she is free to do whatever she wants collectively. Provided that she’s glad, we are also happy for her. In reality, if such rumors proved to be right, then we suppose her cosmetic surgeon, whoever that might be, has done an exceptional job.

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